Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Closure dates 2016/17

Well! 2016 is coming to a close very shortly, time flies quicker it seems the older I get! We are so proud of our team at Frankie and Swiss. It's 6 years now!! YES, 6 YEARS!! Rachel has been with us since the very beginning in 2011 and Mareesha, printer wrangler extraordinaire is a few years in! And Robyn, our accounts guru, is about 5 years in! There are also all the work experience people that come and help us out as well.  And a massive thankyou of course to our loyal customers, we really thank you for coming on this amazing journey with us. Awesome:) Over the past few years, things have just got busier and busier, we have ramped up our production capabilities with in house sewers and also we have our second much loved printer. It's amazing, and we are truly blessed to have talented people make this all happen every single day! Yay Team F&S!!!

Soooo, this post is actually supposed to be about deadlines for print and production for Christmas, I just got a little sidetracked with gratitude;)

Take a peek below:

Official cut of dates for receiving order before the holidays:

- Print and Sew 2nd December (whoops, this has already passed, but depending on quantities, we may still be able to slot your job in!!)

- Print Only 9th December

Also please note! 
We’ll be heading off on holidays from 20th December 2016 and re-opening on Monday 16th January 2017. 

Thank you to all of the amazing people we’ve worked with during the year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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