Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Many of you might know Florence, she is the cornerstone of our little business here at Frankie and Swiss. She is our wide format textile printing machine... Our trusty and old friend Florence has been with us from the very beginning since 2011. At the time she was a revolutionary piece of machinery, Strong, solid and shiny! But with the rapid technological growth and development of our industry we've seen a huge improvement in the speed and quality of wide format textile printers.

We have been fortunate enough to grow our business and have now found ourselves in the very exciting and wonderful position where we can continue to grow by upgrading our respected and much loved Florence with a faster and improved machine. We have spent the last couple of months preparing our new printer and she is finally up and running. So from today, our new printer will affectionately be known as Florence II (yes, we are quite attached to our old girl!!)

So, on to the exciting stuff!! Florence II is much faster which in turn will enabling us to offer a very competitive wholesale pricing rate. This new Pricing will allow us to support our much loved Australian design industry and 'give back' to the industry that has been so supportive of us for the past 4 years. You can download the new pricing and information document HERE!

So, many of you might be wondering where that leaves our old friend Florence and what the next stop in her journey as a wide format textile Printer will be...Well, she staying here with us! We hate goodbyes so Florence will be staying just where she is!!...

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