Friday, July 31, 2015

Studio Events

For those of you who have been in to visit us at our Frankie and Swiss Studio in South Yarra, you will know that we are very fortunate to have a beautiful, big, creative open workspace. We have decided to encourage the use of the studio space and make it available outside of our usual operating hours for workshops, meetings and events…

We have quite a few exciting events booked in, the first of which is an Art exhibition with a twist!


Mr. Congo is a poet, artist and DJ. He has DJ-ed for some of the top venues around the world.  Mr Congo fuses hiphop, jazz and art into his creative endeavours and is renowned for introducing people and connecting multiple interests and skills to energise creativity in one another. His creative attitude towards life allows for a broad scope of interest including interstellar travel, artificial intelligence, African- American culture, and using the written/spoken word as a medium of connection with people. He continues to learn about life through listening to others experiences as they travel this timeframe with him and after him.

Mr Congo is bringing this fusion of art to the Frankie and Swiss studio on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th August from 6pm.

A great opportunity to come and meet an interesting, eclectic artist doing what he does best, we’ll be here too so come and say hello!

If you are interested in booking the studio space for an event, please contact

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