Friday, July 31, 2015

Studio Events

For those of you who have been in to visit us at our Frankie and Swiss Studio in South Yarra, you will know that we are very fortunate to have a beautiful, big, creative open workspace. We have decided to encourage the use of the studio space and make it available outside of our usual operating hours for workshops, meetings and events…

We have quite a few exciting events booked in, the first of which is an Art exhibition with a twist!


Mr. Congo is a poet, artist and DJ. He has DJ-ed for some of the top venues around the world.  Mr Congo fuses hiphop, jazz and art into his creative endeavours and is renowned for introducing people and connecting multiple interests and skills to energise creativity in one another. His creative attitude towards life allows for a broad scope of interest including interstellar travel, artificial intelligence, African- American culture, and using the written/spoken word as a medium of connection with people. He continues to learn about life through listening to others experiences as they travel this timeframe with him and after him.

Mr Congo is bringing this fusion of art to the Frankie and Swiss studio on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th August from 6pm.

A great opportunity to come and meet an interesting, eclectic artist doing what he does best, we’ll be here too so come and say hello!

If you are interested in booking the studio space for an event, please contact

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Craft Cubed Event

collaborative embroidery - working with digitally printed fabric (unleash creative frankie and swiss dandelyne) craft cubed festival melbourne 15 august 2015

We are so excited about our Craft Cubed satellite event this year!! Along with Magdalena from Unleash Creative we have organised a day of embroidery fun in our studio!  'Australia's embroidery Queen' - Sonia from Dandelyne will be here in the studio sharing her tips and tricks to get everyone embroider-ing like a pro! 

Artworks have been supplied by Hello Pants, Santiago Sunbird, Kirbee Lawler and Marc Martin which we are printing onto fabric - ready for embroidery embellishment. The choice of artwork will be a tough one as they are so stunning, but this means you can't go wrong! At the end of the day everyone will have a beautiful piece of fabric to take home (as well as embroidery hoop and needle to continue your masterpiece if you don't finish on the day).

Head over to the Unleash Creative website to book your spot!  Saturday 15th of August.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Give a Flying Duck Competition

A few weeks ago The Flying Duck Hotel ran a competition with our help to find a selection of awesome, duck-related artworks.

To see the winners pop over to @theflyingduckhotel on Instagram or Flying Duck Hotel on Facebook.

We loved the winning designs, but also had to show you all a few of our favourites - these ones definitely need an honourable mention! 

Keep an eye out on The Flying Duck Hotel's instagram for the launch party! Yay - see you there!

Friday, July 10, 2015

L.E.A.F Series New Addition!

We are super excited about our newest collaboration with local artist Angie Rehe.  Angie is a Melbourne-based designer and illustrator and has been working in the fashion industry since graduating from university in the late 80’s. She's a "gun for hire" doing freelance work for print advertisements, fashion websites, brochures, invitations, design storyboard presentations, books, trend forecasting, greeting cards, stationery and bridal commissions. Hilarious, vivacious and insanely talented Angie brings some 'tude to our L.E.A.F series.

Together with Angie we have created these gorgeous silk jewellery rolls featuring her beautiful illustrations. The rolls are so great for keeping jewels safe on all sorts of adventures! We love all the pockets - no more disastrous messes of necklaces to de-tangle.

The range of four jewellery rolls; 'Parisian Girls' (we love these sassy ladies) and 'Jewels' in three colour ways. Printed on Silk Crepe de Chine and hand made in Melbourne. Available through the L.E.A.F series store.

In between creating stunning illustrations Angie also runs Illustration courses right here in our studio! They look like a whole lot of fun and there are a few new courses starting soon! Check out deets below.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Amazing William Morris

On a recent trip to Europe I visited some beautiful textile museums, probably the most inspiring being the William Morris Museum in London. Situated in his old family home, it is a great overview of his life and work.

If you’re not familiar with his name, you will definitely recognise Morris' textile designs; intricate, flowing and truly timeless, they are just as admired today as they were when first produced in the late 1800's.

Some of William Morris' most popular designs.
Morris' ever-evolving business started as an interior design consultancy firm which also produced the items they used to ‘deck-out’ some of the wealthiest people’s homes of the time. He was a big player in the Arts and Crafts movement and eagerly encouraged the resurgence of traditional British textile arts and artisan manufacturing. Morris was quite revolutionary in his socialist views, he despised the Industrial Revolution and the ugliness it brought with it.

Hand drawn and painted wall paper design, fabric length and wood block-cut at the William Morris Museum.
I found the similarities of the textile manufacturing world that Morris lived in and our own local textile industry fascinating. The difficulties he faced such as ethical manufacturing and affordability for the ‘everyday’ person are very much topical for us at Frankie and Swiss and for many of our customers. He had setbacks and failures along the way (like painting a hall at Oxford University without proper preparation so that it faded within months) which is always encouraging to hear that these kind of things can happen to the most successful of people!

Wall paper and textile swatches in the museum. (We like Morris' views on gentler dyes and colours!)
I also visited museums in France, Switzerland and more in England with some of the most incredible textile pieces. The richness of the textiles and garments that were created even from very early times across Europe and the Middle East always blows me away. 

Beautiful embroideries and jacquard woven fabric at Musee des Tissus in Lyon, France.
Another must-see destination for me in England was Chatsworth House (if you're an Austen nerd like me, it's Pemberley in the 2007 movie). What I loved most about this stately home was the way the beautiful, old artworks, furniture and home-wares were displayed alongside modern art pieces. The juxtaposition gave a life to the house and showed the older pieces in a new light - very different from some of the stuffy old castles! It gave modern art and design a place in the history of the house. Check out the incredible modern art exhibition of chairs they currently have scattered through the house here.

Antique Japanese wallpaper, heavily embroidered curtains and a modern art chair installation at Chatsworth House.
Back in the studio and I'm still of course getting to see beautiful, printed textiles.