Friday, April 10, 2015

Intern Projects

At the Frankie and Swiss studio we are very fortunate to have many creative and talented individuals regularly coming through our doors as part of work experience or internships. We love allowing our workplace students and interns the chance to come up with their own projects that tie in their own interests and studies with something that fits into the Frankie and Swiss world!

This gorgeous recycled fabric bag was created by Eleanor Carrucan, who spent her week-long, year 10 work experience with us. With limited time Eleanor jumped right in and with a mixture of hand and machine sewing created this lovely addition to our collection of ideas to recreate beautiful items from what would otherwise be waste.
Options for projects include working to design briefs, learning about 'Florence' (and the process of digital print onto natural fibre fabrics), helping us tackle various jobs around the studio and working on projects that recycle our scrap fabric. We love the way that each person we invite to be part of our team, brings with them their own interpretation of how these projects might look and we wanted to share with you some of the results. 

The very talented Leanza Tang joined us for a couple of months last year. Leanza was in the final stages of completing a BA in Textile Design at RMIT - majoring in Weave, Leanza chose to take on design briefs to create some new “basics” for our textile design library (more on that soon!). We love her use of layers, textures and colour combinations.

Fabric swatches of the range Leanza created for our Textile Design Library (more on that soon!).
To see some of Leanza’s stunning woven creations that she has been working on this year    

The super lovely Charlotte Campbell spent her time very patiently working on a recycled fabric project with some stunning results. The brief for Charlotte’s project was that she could use any of the offcuts of fabric around the studio but they had to be used in a way that made any printing unrecognisable. Using a mixture of different techniques from spinning to knitting and sewing, Charlotte came up with several items, all of them unique and beautifully hand made.

Amy Lawrence came to Frankie and Swiss from Kangan Institute where she is studying Applied Fashion Design & Technology. With an interest in Fashion illustration and an amazing talent for biro illustration, Amy got to work on a series of artworks to be used as placement prints and included in our Textile design library.
Amazing illustrations by Amy all done in ball point pen illustrations (really!)
Biro Bowie! Another of Amy's illustrations printed on to 100% Linen to create a very cool tea towel.
We are always impressed by the amazing talent and beautiful individuality expressed as each of these creatives took a brief and brought their own interpretation to the project. How lucky are we to have so many amazingly talented people coming to spend time with us and add to the creative energy here in the Frankie and Swiss studio?