Sunday, February 2, 2014

Belinda Marshall collaboration ~ Feb 2014


Adore Magazine Feb 2014. Photography by Martina Gemmola

A sneak peak in last months Inside Out magazine hinted of things to come and the feature in this months Adore Magazine kicks it off - a textile project that Belinda Marshall and I have been toiling away on for a while! We’ve created together a collection of nice things for the home – colour cushions, art tea towels and some other VERY exciting things that are in the pipeline, like seriously exciting!

I first met Belinda a few years ago, immediately drawn to her her calm and meditative work. Beautiful, serene, reflective, the adjectives are endless. It’s hard to resist the swathes of colour Belinda puts to paper, wood, mini notepad, whatever she can get her hands on!


She’s experimental, reflective and serene with a stoic strength that drives her. Amaze:) And it’s all there in her work for all. Who can resist such soothing combinations of colour! 


In Belinda’s words:

“I am a Melbourne-based artist & surface designer. I mainly work with acrylic paint, graphite, hand stitching and collage.
My work is an exploration of emotional reactions to the beauty within my immediate environment. A connection to my experience of an idyllic country landscape during childhood drives the need to portray the beauty found in domestic settings and urban landscapes in my work.
My works depict my vision of a perfect world - a calm, meditative space - communicated through layers of colour blocks and sections of representative imagery and repeat pattern. I focus only on what resonates and draws me in.
By expressing observations of beautiful objects and moments in my work, I aim to create a space for the viewer to form a deeper connection to his or her surroundings and to access the contentment that can be experienced from this process.”


Belinda’s textiles are over in both of our shops – ours (The Leaf Series shop) and also Belinda’s shop


Michelle xx

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