Friday, January 24, 2014

Back to it and an Australia Day present to you!

imageOk, this is the third time I’ve sat down to write this post, the first time was the first day back from Christmas holidays. The second time was last week, and now here we are, the third week. So, I am not moving until I finish.

So whats been going on so far…easing back into the swing of things lasted for about an hour on the first day back! It’s been good though, not too busy, that kind of busy where it’s a little crazy. There’s a little time to try and re-arrange the studio a bit and get some design work done.

Cesar and Florence are getting along well – oh, did I introduce Cesar yet? No! I don’t think I have. Cesar is our new printer gal (actually he’s a guy, but in a studio of ladies, he has to kinda fit in a bit). Florence is being kind to him (most of the time). She does like to be a bit cheeky sometimes!

Oh - you know what - I’m actually going to wrap up this post now as it’s Friday night, pens down! I was going to write a massive post about The Big Design market and an entire wrap up of 2013 and outline all the plans for 2014 we have in our heads…PENS DOWN!!!

How about I end now with this fun little thing, a Happy Australia Day present for everyone!

Let’s do a textile print sale – 20% off all printing!

What do you think? If you like it, make sure you tell us in your email enquiry/order with this code FLO ROCKS. Yay!!

Xx Michelle

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