Monday, May 6, 2013

The Design Files and Mothers Day Gift Guide

It’s a super exciting day today – and if you pop over to The Design Files and have a close look at the Mothers Day Gift Guide, you’ll know why! Our fabrics are there in the background, yay! Don’t you love all that clash, so so good:) Here’s how the fabrics came into existence:

I love hydrangeas!  It all begins with a photo of beautiful hydrangeas from the garden.
The photo is then turned by magic (aka Photoshop) into multitudes of translucent hydrangeas
And then, after a few colour and contrast tweaks on the printer, “Florence”, the hydrangeas are ready to be transformed into something new!

Thanks to Lucy from The Design Files for featuring our fabrics! It’s all very exciting.

Do drop by The Leaf Series store to take a peak at the May/June 2013 artist collections! There’s works by Megan Hess and Martinich & Carran. And upcoming months will see works from some more amazing local talents. Stay tuned:)


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