Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sat 18th May: Star Weaving Workshop with Maryann Talia Pau


:: Saturday 18th May 1pm-3pm :: FREE workshop

Maryann Talia Pau, an artist and aspiring ‘Master Weaver’ is using her weaving skills to bring people together to weave a star for The One Million Stars To End Violence project.

The tragic death of Jill Meagher in September 2012 and it’s profound effect on the community prompted Maryann to start weaving stars as a way to connect and reflect “I hope these stars can help us navigate a way forward with courage, creativity and strength to work for each other’s safety.”

This is her free weaving workshop where she'll teach us how to turn four pieces of ribbon into a beautiful star, a symbol of light and hope. So, get your WEave On and weave a Star for the Million Star project. Join Maryann Talia Pau at Frankie and Swiss 1-3pm on Sat 18 May.

TO BOOK into this FREE workshop>> RSVP HERE, email michelle[at] or tweet us
Materials: Star weaving materials provided. You are welcome to bring you own, we’ll have a pot of tea on and biscuits, if you’re inclined feel free to bring a share plate of afternoon tea!
Who: Everyone is welcome. Learn and pass it on!
Difficulty: Medium to advanced weaving technique (suitable for children 8 yrs +)


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