Friday, April 12, 2013

Marija Basic–

Um, what can I say about these cushions? “OMG!” maybe, or “STUNNING” perhaps? Seriously, Marija Basic’s cushions are a tribute to her tendency towards absolute perfection. And that's what these are. Perfection.


Marija, coming from a corporate background, unleashed her creative side and embarked on this new venture – And quite literally, these works are the result of an EXPLOSION of creativity, a release from the trappings of an uninspired job. Do what you love and have always wanted to do! Great stuff, good news story. Love that…A LOT.



I really am quite excited about this range as the result, printed on an off white linen, is quite amazing. The colours! The saturation! Definitely a MAGIC FABRIC that showcases Marija’s art perfectly. Husk like them too and stock them nationally.  Unearth-Armchair



  1. Absolutely beautiful! The feather is incredible.

  2. I love these, and the contrast between the feathery patterns and the geometrics.


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