Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Christmas Party

xmas fellaThe cutest Christmas Elf! {By Debbie Mackenzie}

Woohoo, last day at the studio! And I’ve organised the BEST Christmas Party for us all in the studio TODAY. What a massive year and none of it would be possible at all without the help of the girls - Rachel, Kate, Robyn,Jessica & my sister Jacqui. Everyone has worked so hard and at times it’s been very challenging. Especially when Florence decides she has a headache! Long hours and deadlines were no trouble for my tireless bevvy of girls. There’s no shortage of love for them! Thank you!

And a big thank you to all of the wonderful creative people that have come to us this year to bring another dimension to their artwork. It's been amazing meeting everyone and hearing such wonderful feedback. It's a terribly scary thing quitting a well paid job to go out on your own and set up a completely new business which may or may not work - well it's worked! And it's thanks to all the people supporting us and my wonderful family of girls here in the studio. Can you tell that I'm very grateful?!

So as for the Christmas Party – the fun starts in 1.5 hours!

 - First lunch at Mama Baba around the corner
 - THEN Chelsea from Trophy Wife Nail Art is coming to the studio to paint gorgeous things onto our nails!
 - THEN it’s off to Claremont Tonic for cocktails.

imageTrophy Wife Nail Art!

Yay! Fun times!

Happy Christmas and New Year to all!


  1. Merry Christmas to you all! You are such a wonderful bunch of girls and I have loved working with you on my little projects. I hope you have a great lunch and Christmas break and look forward to more fun next year!
    Deb xxx

  2. super cute! Love the watercolour feel/effect on the fabrics! Hope you had a Merry Christmas ;)



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