Friday, October 12, 2012

Little Livvy


Hello! My name is Olivia, you can call me Livvy! I was born about 2 weeks ago and my mumma is Michelle. I also have 2 big sisters and they think I’m pretty cool.

I’m hanging out at home with mummy for the next little while but soon I’ll get to go to the studio with her and I can’t wait! At the studio, there’s lots of colour and nice things to look at. And my cousins hang out there a bit too which will be super fun!

I’ve met the girls in the studio and of course my aunty Jacqui and they’re all really nice. There’s Rachel, Kate, Jess and Robyn now, a growing little F&S team! Anyhoo, I’m off to have a sleep now. Ciao for now!

Love Olivia


Hello! Thanks so much for dropping by and come again soon!