Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rachel’s first post!

Hi! So I thought I’d endeavour to write my first blog post ever (!) and fill you all in on the goings-on of the past month as I’ve got time while I wait for Michelle to arrive! (My shiny new swipe card arrived so I can now let myself in!)

The blog has been a little quiet over the fast few weeks as lots of exciting things have been keeping us very busy! After finishing up with the NGV Open Studio it’s been pretty much non-stop printing here at the studio.  There’s been a lot of smaller jobs keeping us on our toes as well as a few big projects we’ve been working on and that are yet to come!

Recently we’ve printed up a whole big batch of lovely tea towels for Heide Museum of Modern Art.  They feature the amazing textile work by artist Louise Saxton part of her exhibition which opened at Heide yesterday. Maybe a visit to Heide would make a great Easter outing!?  Check out a sample print of the tea towel below.


  Artwork: Louise Saxton, Queen Billie, 2010, after Sarah Stone 1790.

We’ve also been part of the two Richmond Weekender markets held through March and April which were super popular even with the miserable, rainy weather the first time round.  It was lots of fun to be out of the studio displaying some of our very talented designers designs that we’ve printed up on cushions and pillowcases.



One of our favourites- The Nepal Series by Trisha Garner (Trisha, by the way, designed the Florence Broadhurst book covers – and you know how we love Florence around here:).

We also hosted another Creative Women’s Circle event featuring the very talented architect Rosa Coy.  She spoke about her career and practice to date and the challenges & delights of running a creative architecture business in the competitive Melbourne market with her partner.

Ok so I’ll finish up now as Michelle’s come through door and through my amazing knack to not hear my phone when it would be super helpful to, it turns out that she’s been sitting in the cafe next door this whole time(missing her own set of keys) waiting for me to arrive! Woops!

Happy Easter!


  1. You girls are awesome. Keep up the good work!

  2. Came across you ladies in the latest Vogue Living - very excited to see what you're doing - fab stuff!

  3. Thanks for your comments! We were super excited about the article as well!

  4. Wow, I was so excited to turn the page in Vogue Living and see the Frankie&Swiss article. What a gorgeous photo too! Huge congrats Michelle.

  5. So in love with your designs and products, if only I could get them here in China...


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