Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shelley Panton, Dawn Tan and a dinner

I really needed my proper camera on Monday night, but since I had forgotton it, the trusty iphone had to suffice. So with a little bit of grain, these photos just don’t do Shelley Panton’s studio dinners justice! Better that you head over to Dawn Tan’s blog post and see her AMAZING photos.
A friend and I went to dinner on Monday night at Shelley Panton’s studio in Middle Park. Every year, as part of the Melb Food and Wine Festival, she hosts amazing dinners in her studio with amazing chef’s – Monday night was chef Aaron Turner from Loam on the Bellarine Peninsula. And his very passionate about what they do, wife, was front of house. The food was AMAZING! With a lean towards suppliers that share the same level of passion about food as they do, the 5 course dinner was simply one of the best experiences ever! Think produce like locally grown (and fresh, not dried!) shitake mushrooms – delicious!
The wine, provided by Ben Haines was also fantastic, I don’t usually drink white, but his were exceptional. He’s rather new to the scene, launching his brand just 6 months ago, but there’s no lack of experience there. he’s worked in all major regions with most famous winemakers. IMG_3682
It was also a bit of a spesh dinner as the napkins that Dawn Tan designed and we printed up looked so beautiful on the table. So exciting to see them in the final place on the table.
After dinner, we were all treated to a live pottery demo from Shelley. She whipped up a cup and bowl in no time. A very interesting process, would love to do a class at some point actually!
So, head over to Dawn’s blog for far superior photos AND head over to The Design Files for a GIVEAWAY to Shelley’s dinner next Tuesday!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Richmond Weekender Homemaker Market

Coming up this weekend (Saturday the 3rd of March) is the Richmond Weekender Homemakers Market and we’re super excited to be a part of it. Here at Frankie and Swiss we’ve been putting together a range of cushions, pillowcases and various other lovely things featuring designs by some of our very talented friends- including Dawn Tan with her ‘Meaty Pillowcases’, Rowena Martinich, Trisha Garner, Kat Chadwick and Amy Wright. It’s an eclectic range with photographic elements, beautiful illustration and some great designs for kids; perfect for the home as we head into the Autumn months.
We’ll have our range of products on display for you to check out and be taking orders on the day. So we’d love to see you all there, come down and have a chat to us about ‘Flo’!