Thursday, February 2, 2012

So, I know….

…that it’s kinda boring writing about how busy life is setting up a new business, looking after kidlets etc etc – so I won’t! But needless to say, things are moving quickly round these parts! So here goes - 3 things in 3 minutes.

*(But before that starts, thought I’d mention we’re on the look out for an intern to help us out in the studio. Get in touch for more info.)*

1st thing: A very exciting (but secret until soon) photoshoot happened here on Tuesday. We primped and preened the studio and even got new palms (the old ones didn’t take kindly to those massive glass windows sadly).


We raided our fathers garden and the Prahran market for dahlias and other such loveliness, flower arranged got very nervous and smiled a lot.


All will be revealed in April! (And happily, the new palms are now recovering and will soon make there way to Jac and my houses to make a new life.)


2nd thing: Jac and I skipped the country for 4 days (without our small people entourages!) and ended up in NZ attending a wedding. Love NZ, very intensely beautiful place. I’d live there in a second. Queenstown, while freezing!, was stunning and quite literally took our breath away.



3rd thing: Recently, a favourite designer of mine, Kristen Doran, whose hand printed fabrics I have sewn with for years, came to us with a project that required a super quick turnaround for Better Homes and Garden Magazine. 


She had recently been on holidays, and inspired by the surrounding architecture, designed a the ‘holiday’ simple backstitch cushion. It’s available as a kit in her shop!


And here it is in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine!



  1. Gorgeous mountain photo. That would make a fabulous swap card!

  2. Awww you busy little bees! So much fun though ;)
    Can't wait to see the result of all of your hard work xx


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