Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NGV Open Studio

Gee, time is flying away, I can't believe it's March tomorrow - so much is happening! One project on at the moment that I have been excited to be a part of is all about colour, in fact fluorescent colour. It's called Fluoresce and it's at NGV Studio.

Fluoresce Studio is a collective of local female artists: Eddy Carroll, Nien-San Lee, Phoebe Miller, Rowena Martinich, Rachel Jessie-Rae O’Connor, Tania Schultz, Rosa Tato and Yandell Walton and myself. A huge range of media including digital projections, adhesive murals, digital print, painting and temporary installations are utilised by the lovely, talented ladies. The array of artwork and crafts are united by each artists love of 'brights'.

The residency is being curated by Rowena Martinich, well known for her bright, 'drippy' artworks seen on various walls, buildings, shop fronts and other public spaces around Melbourne.

Rowena's works in progress at the NGV Studio.

My involvement with this project has been in the form of transforming the beautiful creations of the artists into fabric- using Flo to replicate the incredible colours and textures. So far, there has been some really exciting results! Will post up what I'm making it all into next week when the project wraps up.

Some more fun projects underway as well - stay tuned on that. Righto, thats it for now, Flo awaits!

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