Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello 2012!


Ok, so what’s a great way to start a new year? Fireworks, champagne, friends and fun. Yes! Another great way is to be under water in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef with a shark (actually many sharks) swimming close enough to be slightly alarming. Yes, fun! I promise! Love a bit of scuba diving. A great start to 2012!

And the fun is going to continue. We’re getting ready for a month long residency at the NGV Open Studio at Fed Square in Feb. The first major project of the year and it’s a whopper!  Then there’s opening of our shop, to be filled to the brim with beautiful illustrated fabrics and products by designers and artists that we love, online and also by appointment at the studio. A few faves are super lovely ladies like Dawn Tan, Kelly Smith and Rowena Martinich. So after that, or maybe to coincide with that, and hot on the heels of the NGV, is our napkin series with Shelley Panton and Dawn Tan in early March as part of the 2012 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. Massive few months.

So what else? How about a little special price on custom printed 100% cotton? Ah, heck, why not! More? Um, how about $8 swatches? Hmmm, is that a bit boring? Well what about free postage on that? Sure!

Ok, that's it for now.

Happy 2012!!!


  1. Sounds ace! Looking forward to seeing the napkin series, and the LEAF range too. Happy 2012! Saskia.

  2. so exciting - what a start to the year.
    i look forward to stopping by fed square in feb to say hi!

    1. Thanks Evie:) And do drop by, will be lovely to catch up again!

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  4. Awesome! I have been following the blog since last year and it has been great! I hope you can do a feature on winter fashion


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