Friday, December 2, 2011

'Bird and Bush' Teepee by Leila Sanderson

Bird and Bush Teepee by Leila Sanderson for Greg Hatton Designs
We're just a little bit excited about Leila Sanderson's new teepee for Greg Hatton! Leila is such a talented lady, her original hand drawn sketches form the basis of the teepee printed panels. A few months ago, Leila popped into the studio with a bevy of beautiful hand drawn motif's.

There was all types of flavours, from deco all the way to whimsical. After the motif to form the basis of the design was chosen, it was transformed into this amazing decorated panel based around Leila's idea of the design fading upwards.

The teepee is made from a beautiful organic canvas with printed panels on both sides and a little printed pocket inside.

Greg Hatton is having an open day up at the Newstead Butter Factory from where he and Leila work THIS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY!  There will be teepee's, willow chairs, and all sorts of other assortments of furniture.

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