Friday, November 25, 2011

Dawn's Funny Meaty Pillowcases

Fancy a sausage, bacon, and other various cuts pillowcase to sleep on? Dawn Tan does!

 I first met Dawn a few years back now, when this crazy digital printing idea popped into my head. And ever since, she's been so enthusiastic about experimenting with her artwork and textiles. She's pretty much a superwoman - painting, blogging, running kids and adults art workshops and art birthday parties, running her shop, whizzing off to Singapore, Finders Keepers markets, Markit markets and on and on.

Wall Painting at Obus
And we're all very excited as there's a very secret squirrel project that we're working on at the moment. All will be revealed soon!

Visit Dawn's shop to get yourself a meaty pillowcase and beautiful prints (and burger plates and french fries cups)!

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