Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Week of Epic Efforts


Dress made by Cindy from Bug and Pop.
Design based on ‘Lemon Spaghetti’ by Dawn Tan.
Printed by Frankie and Swiss.

I know someone who stayed up until 1 o’clock in the morning to finish off sewing a little girls dress, and some monkey pants and a bib (more on this later). This was after a full days work. In the evenings prior to this (again after a full days work), she sewed up a beautiful dress. This is Cindy from Bug and Pop. I also know a very talented artist, Dawn Tan, an amazing person in general, who has been super enthusiastic about experimenting with her artwork in textile format. The result of our little 3 leaf clover collaboration is this wonderful dress. That mannequin will not be wearing it for long, Cindy, Dawn and I are going to have to draw straws!


In other news, our new ebay vintage couch fell apart :(


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Creative Womens Circle

Frankie and Swiss hosted the Creative Womens Circle on the weekend. There were 50 ladies present listening intently to Shelley Panton as she spoke about her background, creative processes and plans. As usual, the CWC event provided wonderful insights into the trials and tribulations of being successful creative women. Inspirational lady.
Beautiful wares from Shelley’s shop in Middle Park.
Some lovely ladies volunteered baked goods for offer at the end of Shelley’s talk, a big thanks to Clare from Victor Fox, Bianca from Miki.o and Jen from Love JK and Jac’s mother in law!
And a big thanks to Alex Parker who took these wonderful photos of the morning. Thanks Alex!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thursday night


We held a little Thursday night sewing session last week. Mary whipped up the colour chart cushions - they’re actually the fabric colour charts that assist in choosing colours for colouring designs, a great fabric in themselves!
Colour book cushions made by Mary from  Chicken Flower Tots. cmyk colour book fabric from Frankie and Swiss.

And then there was Magdalena from The Craft Revival who made the cutest coasters I’ve ever seen. The looked so beautiful on the morning tea table at the Creative Womens Circle event. Magdalena has THE most exciting project underway, I can’t wait for the big reveal. It’s going to be so fantastic – and I got a sneak peak the other day. Lucky me!

Coasters made by Magdalena from The Craft Revival. Design by Clare from Victor Fox. Printed by Frankie and Swiss

And Cindy gets another mention as she also sewed pants and matching bib (complete with yellow button to match the yellow hanger, LOVE her attention to detail!) and a little dress. Adorable, so adorable! The lovely lady who designed the fabric is Jen Henderson, another fellow Southside Brown Owl.

Little people things made by Cindy from Bug and Pop. Design by Jen Henderson.