Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Arrival of Florence

The past few days have flown by in a whirlwind of activity, organising, nail biting and excitement. Flo arrived on Wednesday, I was there at 630am to meet her. There was a truck, there was a crane, there was 4 men and me, there was 2 locksmiths to remove the plate glass door and there was lots of coffee.
There was a few tense situations, like the talk of the entire glass frontage of the building shattering when Florence leaned a little too much to the left. A few false starts and with 2.5cm each side to clear, she made it through the door opening and into the studio.
So she’s here! But not yet ready for her debut. She’s in hair and makeup at the moment. Jac and I are itching to begin our first project. And of course, we cant wait to see the designs coming through from all the super talented peeps around town :) Hello (*waving arms*) to all the lovely gals who have already emailed me! We’re super excited to be working with you!
I'll get the website up and running soon which will detail how this little textile studio is going to work. You know, file specs required, sizes etc. That kind of thing. So, here’s Flo’s email if you want to email her : florence[at] Oh, and here’s her Twitter :!/FrankieAndSwiss
And thats it for now.

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